Hydra Selfcleaning Coarse Sediment Filter 90 Micron Stainess Steel Mesh Screen 1" Brass BSP In/Out

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Technical Specifications
Product Type Hydra Self CleaningFilters
Brand Atlas Filtri
Flow Rate (L/min) 100
Material Polypropylene/PET
Nominal Micron Rating 90
Inlet/Outlet 1"
Min Pressure (bar) 1.8
Max Pressure (bar) 8
Min Temp (degrees celsius) 4
Max Temp (degrees celsius) 45
Application Whole Supply
Filter Hydra

A Hydra Self Cleaning Filter with 1” BSP Brass inlet/outlet with 90 micron stainless steel mesh filter and pressure gauges included. 100lpm

Suitable for coarse sediment filtration in homes on municipal water supplies, as a pre-filter for water treatment on rural supplies as well as some commercial and industrial applications. These filters perform well with lower pressure drop when higher sediment loads are present.

The filter bowl is made from PET with exclusive ‘Atlas Green’ environmentally friendly manufacturing process. This clear filter bowl in combination with the included pressure gauges give an easy visual indicator of when the filter should be cleaned.

Hydra – Cleans Your Water, Cleans Itself

Italian made, for superior construction, the Atlas Filtri hydra range of hydra self cleaning filters make coarse sediment filtration easy and convenient.

Features include:

  • A range of low maintenance mesh filters are available to fit your needs
  • Cartridges feature an antimicrobial flat seal
  • Counter-current self cleaning system that is can be either manual or automatic for maximum particle removal
  • The drain funnel has a backflow preventing device, so this is as easy to install on mains as it is in rural
  • All Hydra models come with
    • Spanner
    • Bracket
    • Lubrikit (O-ring Lubricant)
Working Conditions
Max Working Pressure8bar (116 psi)
Max Working Temperature45°C (113°F)
Min Working Temperature4°C (39.2°F)