Aquarius Premium Smart Softener 1035

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Technical Specifications
Product Type Atlas Filtri Softeners
Brand Atlas Filtri
Flow Rate (L/min) 40
Inlet/Outlet 1"
Min Pressure (bar) 1.4
Max Pressure (bar) 8.6
Min Temp (degrees celsius) 3
Max Temp (degrees celsius) 38

The Aquarius Smart Softener is your answer to hard water problems at home. Get rid of lime scale and water spots through the whole house in one easy to manage step.
Just add salt and the Aquarius Smart Softener does the rest!

A stylish cabinet softener whose good looks fit in with other appliances in your home and offers some of the most advanced features on the market.

This is the only softener which offers an alert if your run low on salt.

Note: Salt is not included, don’t forget to order some. We recommend starting with 3 bags of salt (75kg), put 2 in the unit and keep one on hand for when you get low.


The Aquarius smart softener is specifically designed with you in mind. A space saving smart softener designed especially for smaller homes and apartments on town supplies, with an appliance like appearance to keep your home looking classy.

  • Includes a large tempered glass touch screen with colour LCD and touch keys
  • User Friendly Interface, designed to be easy to read and use
  • Salt Level Indicator to tell you if you are running low on salt
  • 48hr self-charging battery backup so you won’t lose your settings in a power outage
  • Upflow regeneration saves up to 8,000L water per year
  • Soft water brine tank refill keeps the brine tank and moving parts clean and reduces maintenance
  • Flushes stagnant water after 7 days if the unit has not been used to prevent bacteria growth

Aquarius Softeners Include

  • Media
  • Built in Brine Tank
  • Space Saving Bypass

Working Conditions
Service Flow Rate20lpm (1.2m3/hr)
Max Flow Rate40lpm (2.4m3/hr)
Water Pressure1.4 - 8.6 bar (20.3 - 125 psi)
Water Temperature3 - 38°C (37.4 – 100.4°F)
Water SupplyMunicipal
Salt Storage Capacity64kg

System Specifications
System Specifications
Max Flow Rate40lpm (2.4m3/hr)
Service Flow Rate20lpm (1.2m3/hr)
Resin Quantity25L
Water Used Per Regeneration132L
Salt Used Per Regeneration2.4kg
Salt Storage Capacity64kg
Regeneration TypeUpflow
Bypass IncludedYes
Integrated Meter In BypassYes
Power Supply220 -240V Ac 50/60hz
Hard Water Issues

Hard water occurs water passes through limestone and picks up calcium and magnesium ions.  These minerals can deposit in pipework and around the home and react negatively with soaps and detergents.

This can cause a number of issues:

  1. Plumbing Deposits
      • Pipes can become narrower or blocked as calcium and magnesium deposits inside them
  2. Cleaning Troubles
      • Soap and detergent reacts with hardness forming a curd we recognise as soap scum, this can make cleaning more difficult and we need to use more soap for cleaning to be effective
  3. Water Spots
      • Notice white marks on shower glass or on dishes from the dishwasher? This is the Calcium and Magnesium left behind when water evaporates .
  4. Appliance Lifespan
      • Calcium and Magnesium come out of water faster when water is warm, this can cause deposits through the appliances leading to heating inefficiencies, parts being clogged and wearing them out faster
  5. Dull Hair
      • The reaction between hard water and shampoo means that it’s harder to get a good lather to clean your hair. This can leave your hair dull looking an feeling dull even after you wash it.
  6. Fading Laundry
      • The mineral content of the water prevents the detergent from cleaning your laundry thoroughly, causes colours to fade prematurely and remaining mineral deposits can leave laundry feeling stiff and scratchy


Soft Water Benefits
  1. Softer Skin and Hair
  2. Saving on heating bills
  3. Save on detergents, soaps, shampoo and conditioner
  4. Save time on cleaning
  5. No more water spots
  6. Scale free kitchen and bathroom
  7. Appliances last longer and require less maintenance
  8. Brighter, softer laundry
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