DAB-ESWIM 300 - Swimming Pool Pump 1.5kW 3.0hp 240V VFD max hd 26m max flow 708L/m

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Technical Specifications
Product Type Pool Pump
Brand DAB Pumps
Hp 3.0 Hp
Kilo Watts 1.5
Max Flow (L/min) 708
Head (max) 26
Volts 240 V
1.5kW, 3.0hp, 240V VFD, max hd 26m, max flow 708L/m. Ports 2” BSPF and sockets suit DN40, DN50 PVC
  • Energy Saving - up to 90% to any other traditional solution
  • Noiseless (45 DBA) - Thanks to water cooling technology
  • High Efficiency - thanks to the new brushless motor, new hydraulics, new electronic board
  • LCD Display - Easy to install and use with large LCD display

E-Swim is the new electronic pump of Dab Pumps suitable for swimming pool water recirculation and filtering systems (including salt water) for the residential and civil sectors, and for applications with aggressive liquids in fishing and agriculture. It guarantees silent operation, comfort and versatility.

The distinguishing features that make this pump unique are the high efficiency water-cooled permanent magnet motor, which ensures extremely quiet operation, the hydraulics optimised to reduce load losses, the eight programmable speeds that provide energy savings. The intuitive display, the programmable menu, the integrated diagnostics for the protection of the pump and the quiet operation ensure maximum comfort during use. Versatility is also another strong point of the product, which has a compact design without fan, thanks to the water cooling system. The variable speed operation makes e.swim suitable for all types of swimming pools.

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DAB e.swim Features

Easy Installation

The E.SWIM software allows you to operate not only at different speeds, but also at variable or constant flow rates, thus guaranteeing a unique user experience.

The intuitive interface gives access to the main settings depending on the specific application and all of the system information via the high resolution LCD screen.

Easy to Program

Wide choice and flexibility of use, manual or automatic operation, integrated control menu or connection from external control unit

Set point pre-set with unlimited time or configurable with specified time. Editable via panel.

Auto operation with daily and weekly timer scheduling of different speeds. Possibility to control the pump from REMOTE via digital or analogue contact (4-20mA / 0-10V)

Low Noise


Extreme silent running, thanks to the water cooled technology No vibration, no cooling fan, anti vibration feet. The special water cooled motor, the inverter and the anti vibration feet make e.swim the most silent swimming pool pump on the market.

Safety First

E.Swim with SVRS software gives you full peace of mind - we have designed a system that disables the suction of the swimming pool pump, so that bodies or objects trapped against the suction port may be quickly released.

Energy Saving

The new e.swim is the best solution to reduce energy consumption. A traditional single-speed pool pump consumes as much as 7 refrigerators, which means that it indirectly produces about 1,380,000 grams of CO2, which is equivalent to what 138 trees would produce. E.SWIM really makes your system more efficient and optimises electricity costs.

It guarantees energy savings of up to 90% thanks to the combination of:

  • Synchronous permanent magnet motor
  • High efficient hydraulics to reduce pressure losses
  • 8 settable speeds.
Engery Bill Savings

Example with 3 cycles per day, 10 hours a day and 20 days of operation per year.

30,000 Litres 0.5 Hp single speed E.SWIM150 0.27 $0.88 $175.50 $877.50
0.45 $1.48 $296.25 $1,481.25
45,000 Litres 0.75 Hp single speed E.SWIM150 0.27 $1.62 $324.00 $1,620.00
0.45 $2.70 $540.00 $2,700.00
60,000 Litres 1 Hp single speed E.SWIM150 0.27 $2.00 $400.50 $2,002.50
0.45 $3.32 $663.75 $3,318.75
70,000 Litres 1.5 Hp single speed E.SWIM300 0.27 $3.69 $738.00 $3,690.00
0.45 $6.15 $1,230.00 $6,150.00
90,000 Litres 2 Hp single speed E.SWIM300 0.27 $3.65 $729.00 $3,645.00
0.45 $6.06 $1,211.25 $6,056.25
110,000 Litres 3 Hp single speed E.SWIM300 0.27 $6.03 $1,206.00 $6,030.00
0.45 $10.05 $2,010.00 $10,050.00

Selection Guide
Pool Dimensions Volume of Water Flow Model
8m x 4m 35,000L to 50,000L 150 L/min
8m x 4m to 10m x 5m 50,000L to 70,000L 200 L/min
10m x 5m 70,000L to 90,000L 250 L/min
11m x 6m to 12m x 6m 90,000L to 110,000L 300 L/min
8m x 4m 35,000 to 50,000 150 L/min
8m x 4m to 10m x 5m 50,000 to 70,000 200 L/min
10m x 5m 70,000 to 90,000 250 L/min
11m x 6m to 12m x 6m 90,000 to 110,000 300 L/min
8m x 4m 35,000L to 50,000L 233 L/min
8m x 4m to 10m x 5m 50,000L to 70,000L 400 L/min
10m x 5m to 12m x 5m 70,000L to 90,000L 500 L/min
11m x 6m to 12m x 6m 90,000L to 110,000L 667 L/min

*Times for complete recirculation of water within 6 hours for private pool and 2/3 hours for public pool

DAB e.swim Preformance Graph
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